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About the Self-Talk Matters Workshops:


The innovative Self-Talk Matters Workshops have been developed to help repair the damaged self esteem of those affected by the issues highlighted here.

Once in receipt of the information presented throughout each workshop each attendee will possess knowledge of how they can take immediate action to regain personal responsibility for their future.

In order to fully appreciate the principles behind the Self-Talk Matters Workshops each participating individual is invited on a journey into their own past life experiences. Confidentiality is paramount yet without being too invasive information is provided which then empowers and motivates attendees.

For example, Self-Talk Matters Workshops typically cover the following topics, whilst exploring each in detail within a relaxed and informal environment:

  • 'Why are we attending Self-Talk Matters Workshops?' (Welcome and introductions, short pre-workshop 'Personal Perceptions questionnaire');
  • Our background (Group discussion);
  • Credibility and integrity; (STM Presentation);
  • 'What is it that makes you ...'You'?' (STM Presentation);
  • 'Find the object' (Group participation exercise);
  • 'What have been the major influences in your life in the past?' (Group discussion);
  • 'What do you think will be the single most important influence in your life from now on?' (Group discussion);
  • 'Is your life balanced as it should be?' (Group participation exercise);
  • 'The single most important influence in your life throughout the future is actually....' (STM Presentation);
  • 'How you function on a day-to-day basis' (STM Presentation);
  • 'What makes you behave, act and perform in the way you do?' (STM Presentation);
  • Listen to yourself talk! (Group participation exercise);
  • Making the change (STM Presentation);
  • Capture, Control ...and Change! (STM Presentation);
  • 'Throw it out there' (STM Presentation);
  • Certification, awards and short post-workshop questionnaire;

All participants receive associated paperwork and are often encouraged to participate in exercises designed to promote the effectiveness of the workshop content.

Enthused by a new-found awareness of the potential they possess within; motivated to take control of their future and eager to 'make a change' each participant is encouraged to 'road test' their new knowledge in between workshops and then discuss the outcomes with others who attend.

The effectiveness of the workshops is monitored throughout, with each participant encouraged to provide feedback on how they have benefited whilst attending.  



Duration of the Self-Talk Matters Workshops:


Daytime workshop over 2 consecutive days : 10am to 3.00pm (incl. lunch/coffee breaks).

Evenings (incl. Friday if required) :    2 nights per week over 3 weeks : 7pm to 8.30pm (or timed to suit client).

Maximum no. of participants per workshop:   8 (negotiable)

Client to provide venue and refreshments.


For further information please contact Self-Talk Matters.



"Its never too late for you to be what you might have been...."


George Eliot