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Why participate in the Self-Talk Matters Workshops?


The Self-Talk Matters Workshops have been developed to help those of us who have somehow allowed external, unwelcome pressures to determine the way in which we lead our lives.

There are a lot of us about.

Whether in or out of work; skilled or unskilled; young (or not-so-young) today's society demands more and more from us.

The high cost of living; limited finances; peer pressure; too much work and too little time; parenting; homework; friends & family ...the list is endless.

Yet nowhere in all of this do you really find time for 'you'. What do you really want to do? What kind of lifestyle would you choose (if you had a choice)?

What is it that makes you Have you ever stopped to think why you do the things you do?

While attending the Self-Talk Matters Workshops you will discover the answers to these questions - and no doubt be very surprised at what you are truly capable of achieving. There will be no college or university to attend, no studying.

In fact because it is you who will be in control it will be you who will be the student ...and the teacher.

Whether you are a disgruntled teenager; a confused parent; or if you are lacking direction; 'stifled' at work; whether you are someone who is unemployed ...or someone trying to give up smoking and/or alcohol, the Self-Talk Matters Workshops can provide you with the confidence, drive and (most importantly) awareness of how you can once again regain control of your life.

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"Logic will get you from A to B.

Imagination will take you everywhere...."


Albert Einstein