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The Self-Talk Matters Workshops can be arranged to meet the needs of a single participant or groups of up to 8 individuals depending upon the needs of the client.

Group Workshops:

Although maintaining a strict focus on the principles underpinning Self-Talk Matters the group-facilitated workshops produce a relaxed and often humorous environment.


Bespoke workshops:

The effectiveness of the Self-Talk Matters Workshops is intensified when a workshop is designed around the specific needs of an individual. Opportunities for focused one-to-one discussion emerge as the presence - and requirements - of other workshop attendees is not an issue.


Self-Talk Matters Workshops can be provided for:

Youth Clubs;

Community Groups / Residents Associations;

Employment & Training Services;

Local Authority Youth Services;

The Probation Service;


Local Authority Childrens Services;


Foster Care Providers;

Individual private clients (at home or at a venue determined by the client).


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