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Background to Self-Talk Matters.


Self-Talk Matters was established in response to the longstanding personal, social and economic pressures continuing to affect many people today; the barriers to personal development often encountered when leaving school or employment, and the corresponding lack of self-worth which can manifest and grow thereafter.

The Self-Talk Matters workshops have been created as a vehicle through which disaffected individuals may access timely advice & mentoring to encourage and nurture personal responsibility, self-confidence and self-awareness.

With more than 35 years' background in business ownership, business consultancy, project management and personal (& group) mentoring the founder of Self-Talk Matters (Peter McRae) has merged his business experience with more than a decade of expertise in foster care services to provide a unique opportunity for disillusioned people to confront and address concerns about their future.

Peter's philosophical approach toward motivating and mentoring individuals and groups of all ages are highly regarded within private, public & community organisations and within the foster care sector. Over many years, and upon the specific request of local authorities Mr. McRae has successfully provided support for young people who had been experiencing significant difficulties. These included a wide range of behavioural issues such as anxiety, extreme lack of confidence, poor social skills and (with particular regard to low self-esteem) a lack of awareness of all aspects of their personal future direction.

Recognising the positive impact his methods have had on their children the parents and families of looked-after young people have also praised and thanked Peter in equal measure. It was this that persuaded Peter of the importance of combining his experience, knowledge and skills to support the objectives of Every Child Matters (ie achieve economic well-being, be healthy, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and stay safe), and to help meet the needs of older, potentially disenfranchised individuals. (*A copy of the Every Child Matters booklet can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page).

His work as a school Governor and as a volunteer with Youth Services afforded Peter further understanding of the issues affecting young people. Particularly revealing to him throughout this time were the challenges that head teachers, youth services and young people faced when dealing with issues …and the context within which challenges and issues arise.

Aware that the blight of youth and adult unemployment is of major concern locally, regionally and nationally Mr. McRae is confident that the content of the Self-Talk Matters workshops will help address many negative, self-imposed preconceived notions which, if left unchallenged can often cultivate a sense of apathy and instil a lack of self-respect.

Mr. McRae is seeking to further his commitment to help individuals overcome issues affecting their present and future circumstances. He has developed Self-Talk Matters in order to do so. The main objective of the workshops is to inform participants that attainment of their true potential lies within their own control and is not necessarily determined by the actions of others.

Given the nature and content of the workshops enquiries are invited from organisations tasked with assisting individuals of all ages to enhance their potential (including short & long term unemployed; disenfranchised teenagers, young parents [single and couples]; ex-offenders and recovering drug / alcohol misusers).


Are you a potential client? Self-Talk Matters welcomes your enquiry. Please visit this page for further information or use this contact form.


Click here to download a .pdf copy of the 'Every Child Matters' booklet.



"The best way to predict the future is to create it...."


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