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Welcome to the website of Self-Talk Matters.

It may come as a surprise to you, but regardless of our background or circumstances each and every one of us already possess the skills we require to become successful. 

However, many of us are simply unaware that these skills exist even though we all use them on a daily basis without even realising it.

Self-Talk Matters has been developed to help raise awareness of these skills, especially amongst young and not-so-young people who may be worried about their future prospects and perhaps find themselves unemployed and/or disenfranchised from large elements of society.

Self-Talk Matters offers disillusioned individuals the opportunity to once gain acquire a clear sense of direction in their lives. For example, it is surprisingly easy to become overawed by circumstances such as low educational attainment, long-term unemployment and/or lack of work experience. It is at this point in our lives that many of us rapidly succumb to damaging, habitual behaviour ...and far too often low levels of self belief, self confidence & self motivation then become a 'normal' part of our life. The purpose of Self-Talk Matters is to enable participants to identify, recognise and use skills they already possess to intervene and halt this process.

Whether attended as a group or individually the Self-Talk Matters participatory workshops not only help people to confront such negativity - the workshops actually help participants to reverse their individual circumstances.

This is achieved in a unique manner. Those who attend are not 'educated' in the generally accepted sense; they are simply reminded of skills they already possess (and use) throughout their normal daily life. These are not work or training related skills; they are the skills we all use on a daily basis effortlessly and automatically. Through a series of presentations, participation and light-hearted anecdotes participants are reminded of how easy it can be to adjust their everyday decisions to produce better outcomes for them, their lifestyle ...and their future.

In short, the remarkable feature of the Self-Talk Matters Workshops is that all who attend are informed of the skills they already naturally possess, how they have inadvertently suppressed them over time and how they can once again use them to significantly improve all aspects of their life.




"You can be, exactly what it is that you believe you can be...


...Your job is to get yourself to believe that you ...can be."


Lou Tice